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What's the Tea on the Stoney Patch Gummies

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Stoney/ Stoner Patch gummies are one of the most famous cannabis copy cat candies on the market. Not only do they look and taste exactly like the original Sour Patch Kids gummies, but they are one of the most potent per piece gummies available. A pack of gummies typically has about 5-6 pieces in it with a dosage of 500-600mg per bag. That would make each piece somewhere around 100mg or more. For any heavy cannabis user, this is sort of a match made in heaven as it would address a low calorie but high THC potency that literally makes for no-nonsense, straight to the point type of use. Right?! Well in California, that's where you would be wrong.

California has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to being the haven for all things legal in regards to cannabis. It has also been highly regarded as the US Mecca for weed. Legislation in California in regards to cannabis has been very liberal yet cutting edge compared to most places in the United States. However, a new law in California introduced by the Attorney General states that this sort of high dosage is dangerous, especially since many copy cat cannabis products look so very similar to the original. He points out that this is an easy way for a child to get their hands on a very potent edible mistaking it for their favorite candy.

On October 29, 2021, California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a consumer alert warning Californians of cannabis-infused edibles that are being packaged and sold as copycat versions of popular food and candy products. He notes that these products contain very high-levels of THC and are sold in packaging nearly identical to those of popular brands, such as Sour Patch kids, Cheetos, and Fruity Pebbles.

In Connecticut, the Attorney General's office has released a very similar statement as they have had an uptick on child hospitalizations due to excessive cannabis consumption.

What Does this mean for my Favorite Gummies?

Butter of Sheba is committed to bringing our customers safe, properly packaged and dosed edibles from reliable sources. As the market changes, we are always sourcing new vendors for your favorite gummies and edibles. Our menu items frequently change to remain competitive with the industry while still making sure we continue to offer items that our customer have come to enjoy and depend on.

As for the Stoney/ Stoner Patch gummies, at this time because of "watchdogs" trying to pull these gummy brands off the market we currently are not offering them. However, our team is working to find new and safe vendors to source these and similar products. We understand that these gummies do provide a level of relief and or enjoyment to our customers and we will continue to offer products that meet your expectations. In short, they may be tougher for us to find them, but we are still going to do everything in our power to bring them home.

-UPDATE: they have been resourced as Stoney Patch gummies and can be found in the edibles section.

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