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What's the Tea on Shatter?

The world of cannabis is laden with different products potent with THC. While some indulge in simple THC products like flowers and edibles made with cannabutter or canna-oils, others are finding new products that are comprised of more potent concentrates like Shatter. Recently, Butter of Sheba brought a new item to the menu called White Walker Shatter Gummies. We are big Game of Thrones fans so we thought the name was fitting. These gummies are not like the traditional gummies that are made with canna-oils, instead they are infused with shatter. Once you try them, you will CLEARLY understand why we chose the name. But first you may be asking "What is Shatter"? Well, we love educating our customers about products so you have come to the right place.

Cannabis concentrates have typically been considered niche and partaken by only the most experienced of cannabis consumers, however, now things are changing. More and more, we are seeing new users who are inquisitive about the world of concentrates and wanting to try their hand. The sheer selection of cannabis concentrates to choose from can often leave potential customers feeling a bit overwhelmed. Simply put, concentrates are created by extracting the chemicals within cannabis that lend flower its potency. These chemicals, known as cannabinoids, are then distilled into a form which can be super-heated to produce more potent smoke than what results from a typical bowl of ground cannabis flower.

Shatter is a type of concentrate created through this extraction and distillation process. While other forms of concentrates take on a consistency like wax, syrup, butter, or powder, shatter is known for its glassy texture reminiscent of hard candy. Shatter is known as the most powerful variety of concentrate available. Why? Because the extraction process compresses the most cannabinoids into the smallest surface area. Think of it this way, it's the equivalent of trying to push the potency of an ounce of flower into the surface area of a quarter.

Shatter is created through an extraction method similar to other concentrates. Cannabis compounds are stripped from the plant with the use of a solvent, such as CO2 or butane gas, and then compressed into a highly-concentrated form which is ignited. Unlike other concentrates, shatter goes through an extra step during the distillation process to remove impurities, making the resulting product the purest type of concentrate available. From there you can use it in a dabbing rig, a bowl, or melt it down and layer it over the flower for your blunt. Be careful, that will probably be the strongest hit you ever did smoke.

It takes a bit of skill to use and handle shatter to make edibles. Luckily we have a some experts who do the hard work for us so if you are interested in trying edibles with shatter, Butter of Sheba will be featuring a few edibles (in candy and gummy form) made with shatter in the coming months so be on the look out for them. We are always looking to adorn our menu offering with new products and trends that enter the cannabis community.

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