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What Region is the Lord of Cannabis

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

. West Coast, the question of who has the better weed will always be asked. Am I here to say who is the best? Of course not. But I am here to shed some light on the two and let you make that determination for your self.

When it comes to cannabis laws, the West Coast wins hands down. The three most western states, Oregon, Washington, and California all now have the most progressive cannabis policies in the country. One can easily understand why these states are considered the "meccas" of the United States.

Though California has only legalized recreational cannabis just recently, the state decriminalized cannabis in the 70's and has long been a national leader in cannabis culture and cultivation.

California is the sixth largest economy in the world. The newly legalized cannabis industry is valued over $7 billion and the state’s black and medical cannabis markets have already spurred the development of award-winning strains, new technologies, and other ways of intaking cannabis.

While the country of Holland is known for its hazes, the state of California is known for its Kushes: like OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Girls Scout Cookies. Colorado, which is not exactly identifiable as located on west coast, also fits into mecca status with the CBD strains such as Charlotte's Web and sativa stains such as Golden Goat.

On the East coast, the cannabis policies has greatly lagged behind the west. As a result, many east coast growers and breeders are still forced to stay underground causing their innovation to be stunted. However, cannabis laws all over the east coast are becoming more relaxed now than ever before.

Two states, Maine and Massachusetts, have recently legalized recreational cannabis. Key states like Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland all have medical cannabis programs readily available to approved patients needing cannabis.

Though the West Coast may have been the first out of the blocks in the cannabis industry, the East Coast has blossomed as more opportunities have presented themselves.

While many originated in seed swapping projects between east coast and West Coast growers, there are some great strains that originated on the Atlantic side of the country like Chemdawg and NYC Diesel.

For the time being, the West Coast has the East Coast beat in cannabis game on grounds of policy, dankest and more renown strains, and ideal growth. But the overall craftsmanship of growers should not make any overlook the capability of East Coast growers. Even with the difficulties in policies and environment, the East is putting out some notable strains.

If you find yourself along the East Coast looking to have a toke, understand that cannabis commerce is very different experience than what you will experience on the West Coast. However if your desire is strong enough, you will find some awesome edibles and flowers worth venturing out. If you happen to visit our nation's capitol, Washington DC, Butter of Sheba is happy to deliver your favorites quickly and discreetly.

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