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What's the tea on "THC tincture"

Cannabis is an impressively versatile plant, taking on an array of forms to offer the ultimate variety of products. One such form is cannabis tincture, a type of cannabis-infused product with a long history that dates back generations. Convenient, user-friendly, and smoke-free, tinctures offer a fuss-free option that appeals to both new and well-versed consumers.

What exactly is a cannabis tincture, and is it right for you? Well here is a quick dive into everything you need to know about this “liquid gold in a bottle,” so you can make an informed decision and venture forward with confidence.

Similar to the process of extracting cannabis oil, a tincture utilizes a solvent (alcohol) to extract cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Alcohol is both the solvent and an ingredient in the final product, which is where tinctures differ from traditional cannabis oils. While most tinctures do use alcohol to extract cannabinoids there are non- alcoholic forms of tinctures as well. Most of these use Vegetable glycerin, MCT oil, Propyl glycerin, Grapeseed oil, etc to extract the cannabinoids. These can also come in a variety flavors for a tasty lifted experience.

Interestingly, tinctures were the primary form of cannabis-based medicine for decades, up until the United States outlawed cannabis. Now, as a growing number of states legalize medicinal and/or recreational cannabis consumption, tinctures have made a speedy and impressive comeback.

If it’s your first time shopping for cannabis tinctures, you may become surprised and overwhelmed by the extensive variety of options to consider. Before you dive head first into in a tincture, it can be helpful to understand the primary types of tinctures, which are categorized according to their cannabinoid content- each has their own properties and unique effects. Here are the main 3 types:

● THC tinctures: Tinctures that are primarily concentrated with THC are popular with marijuana enthusiasts, as THC is the cannabinoid responsible for many of marijuana’s best-known effects.

● Tinctures with both THC and CBD: In the middle ground between the two options, there are an array of tinctures that provide varying combinations of both THC and CBD. A 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD is a common blend, though you can also find others to match your personal needs.

When comparing THC and CBD tinctures, the key differences are their expected effects, source, and how they are legally regulated in varying locations. Washington DC is one such place where all 3 are entirely legal to carry and consume. If you are looking to try some good flower sublingually, discreetly, or simply an alternative to smoking then tinctures may be something for you.

Butter of Sheba is committed to add more variety to the current menu listing to offer the best cannabis products. In the coming weeks, you will see several new THC tincture flavors that appeal to the experience you are looking to have with a taste you can enjoy. They will be available in regular strength, extra strength, and some will be lightly sweetened. These are great for direct consumption or to be added into your favorite drinks and dishes for an elevated experience.

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