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We got London on the Track: London Poundcake Strain

Springtime always has me ready for bright colors and something fresh. No, I am not talking about spring cleaning or new home décor. I am talking about fresh fruits that come available at the dawn of a new season and the all trees and flowers that are coming into bloom. Those first signs of spring help melt away all the cold wintertime blues. Hand me a beautiful set of sunglasses and I am ready to chill and vibe to some good music while enjoying an afternoon driving around lower northwest and southwest DC which is the humble home to the most concentrated area of the Cherry Blossoms, the national flower garden, and plush green fields and picnic areas that line Ohio Drive.

Nothing says springtime like good music and vented windows as you are cruising down the highway. A good drive down something 95, 81, or 301 is truly solace to the soul but I think we can all agree that anything is better than traveling west on I-66 between DC and Manassas. It's just something about I-66 that never makes anyone happy. Most people in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) will agree that even sitting in DC traffic when the weather is nice is much more pleasant than any day you have to venture down I-66.

When the weather breaks in the city, it becomes quite a spectacle. If you are sitting at a traffic light, you can see people in happy conversation as they are walking by, you can notice the different restaurants that have popped up during the winter, or how scantily people are dressed when its only a mere 60 degrees out. But you can always count on having your attention interrupted by hearing someone's rattling bass blaring from 4 cars ahead of you. The person has their sunglasses on, bobbing their head, and mouthing words you would never be able to make out thanks to the treble being almost non-existent. Yep, and the only thing you may hear in between the bars and the bass is the infamous adlib tag line "We got London on the Track".

Well if you are ready to feel the same way then we got just the strain to melt away anxiety, depression, and stress so you can cruise away with the spring wind in your hair while your mind is at ease.

London Poundcake just made its way to the District. This strain is an indica dominant hybrid that satisfies the craving of sweet and fruity flavors. The aroma definitely gives the onset of summer delicious fruits without being overpowering. The high is relaxing and calming to melt away any negative thoughts or vibes without sending you off to sleep. And let me say, the high kind of sneaks up to put you in a gentle euphoria that allows for a creative mind which is awesome when listening to music. London Poundcake is loved for its intense THC levels and it's great for those that experience mood swings or need a relief from stress and anxiety.

If you are in the DC area to chill and vibe, definitely make time to grab London Poundcake from Butter of Sheba while supplies last. This strain is a DC fave so don't sleep on it. A couple of tokes of this flower, will definitely have you turning up the bass and waiting for the break in the music to belt out, "I got London on my track".

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