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The Champ is Here: Scottie Pippen #33 Strain

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Have you ever found something that just stole your heart? I mean something that, in your mind, was damn near perfect that it made your heart sing? I watched Happy Feet (a couple of times more than I am willing to admit) and in the movie they talk about a heart song. Now of course that was all about singing your heart out but in real life I see a heart song as something that can make you so joyous that it makes your whole inner being just smile so hard that it makes your heart sing.

Most often I experience this with extremely good food. Many of my friends know that if I order some food that is extremely good, I am going to make the most awkward facial expressions as I try to explain the explosions of flavor going on in my mouth all while trying to savor the flavor and take it all in. Then at some random points during dinner, I may sporadically hum while chewing with the biggest smile on my face. The hum is never a familiar song, it's simply a brief tune my heart lets out due to sheer happiness it is experiencing with the food I'm eating. I.E the heart song.

Yesterday, we got in a new flower that has been a little hard to source and EUREKA! It has finally made it to the menu. Scottie Pippen #33. Now you know this has to be a unique flower. You can't have any old run of the mill, decently average flower and sharing Scottie Pippen's name. Oh hell No! We are talking about THE Scottie Pippen. 6 time NBA Champ with the Chicago Bulls. So comparatively that flower would have to be worth 6 rings to share the undisputed's name sake. Of course the whole office was uber excited to hear that we got in the Scottie Pippen strain and for good reason. Let me explain why this flower is a contender for 6 rings.

First up is the aroma. Whether you are breaking the buds to roll up a Jay or you are in the other room while someone is smoking, this flower has a beautiful scent. I can attest that there are some buds that just don't smell good. it doesn't always mean that they are bad flowers or terrible to smoke but the smell just isn't a draw. When I was first introduced to Scottie, I was coming up the stairs in an apartment building. The smell permeating on the 5th floor was something like warm chocolate and grape soda. I thought maybe someone had incense burning because my friends were really big on incense at the time. I opened the door to find out that there was no incense burning, just someone smoking a blunt with Scottie Pippen in it. Unconvinced that the smell was a coming from a blunt, I asked "are you guys cooking something"? Of course, they all shook their heads and asked what was I smelling. I explained the aroma I smelled and then someone coughed and said "you smelling the Champ". Puzzled by what he said, I said "Huh, who's here ?" One of the girls brought over the ounce of Scottie Pippen and said "Smell it, it's Scottie Pippen". Literally I had never smelled anything like it. No matter if you decarb it, smoke it, or admire someone smoking it from a distance, it smells amazing. Depending on your nose, you might pick up grape, chocolate, and citrus notes that blend perfectly together with a touch of gas. Although the aroma is pungent, its not overwhelmingly skunky due to the dark chocolate- coffee notes this bud gives off. So it's more like warm skunk that makes you smile.

The actual smoke of this flower is superbly smooth. Some flowers, particularly ones with purple hues can be irritating to the throat after long smoking sessions. Some of us call this throat kick which can sometimes stop you dead in your tracks from enjoying a good, long smoke sesh. Not Scottie. From beginning to end this flower burns and smokes smooth.

Third, we have the effect. This flower is hybrid so you get the best of both worlds deal. It's definitely strong. It gives you a nice body high and nice hazy head high but neither are so much that it will put you to sleep. Not everyone wants a heavy hitting, sleepy bud all the time. Although, you may not be very productive after smoking this bud, you can definitely Netflix and chill on this bud.

The taste of this bud is definitely a winner. Its got a mix of things going on. First of all the smoothness of the smoke can probably be attributed to the creamy flavor that you experience of the first hit. Your palate then warms to receive both chocolate and citrus notes. The combination is reminiscent of Ethiopian and Rwandan coffee. If you enjoy coffee, particularly coffee where the beans are African derived this bud will definitely be in your ball park. On the exhale, limonene terps take over and you get this symphony of citrus and gas. But again it's not overwhelming, it finishes smooth.

The buds of this flower are medium- sized and dense. The structure of the buds make them crunch when you break it which gives off a light citrus scent. This scent is the prelude to the citrus symphony that you will experience smoking it. They are super frosty and slightly dry on the outside of the bud with a soft interior. The interior of the bud is more beautiful than the outside which is beautiful artistry in its own right.

Finally, there are hundreds of strains known and unknown in the cannabis world, each with its own unique smell, taste, effect, and aroma. But only a few will make your heart sing. On the first smoke, when you take it in slow, the exhale definitely made my heart sing. Most times, my heart song doesn't have a particular tune like I mentioned before. But smoking this bud definitely had a tune. It wasn't a loud tune or an obnoxious one. No, this tune creeps up on you and makes you smile as you say whisper to yourself "The Champ is Here".

This bud, Scottie Pippen #33 is available for donation now at Butter of Sheba but knowing what we know about this bud, it won't hang around for long.

Happy toking!

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