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Tasty Gelato

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We might not be Texas, but Washington DC is big on Flavor. The nation's capitol is home to some of the best food and drinks you can get your hands on. You can choose cuisine specialties from all over the globe. Got a taste for Lao, we got it. Got a taste for Ethiopian, we got it. Got a taste for Puerto Rican or Southern Mexican, we got it. What about weed with great flavor? We got that too.

Dolce Gelato is one of the best strains exploding with sweet flavor and right now it's available in DC at Butter of Sheba. Dolce Gelato is great for indica lovers that value great taste. It has a super sweet and flowery flavor that lingers with the high. The exhale finishes with a bit of pine flavor that is not overwhelming. The high is deeply relaxing. If you are looking for a flower that delivers on relaxation, this is the strain you have got to smoke to believe. The smoke is smooth with deep calming effects that will keep you in the clouds for several hours.

Another flavorful flower is Black Cherry Gelato. This bud is rich in cherry berry flavor that finishes hazy and at ease. As you toke, the smell is like floating through an herbal berry smoothie that is simply euphoric. The high reminds you of "easy like Sunday morning"; Blissful at worst and emotionally boosting at best. Who could say no to either of those emotions. I mean really, who would ever say "hell no, I do not want to feel great today". Exactly. Said by no one ever.

These beautiful and tasty flowers are available now at Butter of Sheba as a gift accompanied with accessories to enjoy. This winter keep your eyes open for some of the best weed strains in DC at Butter of Sheba. They are constantly adapting their menu offering to provide awesome flowers and edibles for every type of cannabis lover.

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