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Smooth Smoke vs. High THC content

Many times we get calls from customers asking for very vague requirements: "I want the flower with the highest THC", "I want the best flower you got", "I want 100 % Indica", "I want 100% Sativa". While we try to accommodate the "request", some times customers are throwing around things they aren't exactly sure of.

Asking for a flower with the highest THC doesn’t exactly translate to getting the best smoke on our menu. For example: when you go into a liquor store, do you ask for 180 proof alcohol? Probably not. Most people know that the store clerk will hand you a bottle of Everclear, charge you and send you packing. Everclear, although it is 180 proof, is probably the worst tasting liquor you can buy because it is just what it is, grain 180 proof alcohol, not really designed to be the most enjoyable liquor to drink. It will serve its purpose as to getting you drunk but it might not lend itself to giving a pleasant buzz. Instead most people will ask for a specific rum, tequila, wine, or vodka. All of these, even though they are alcohol, hit quite differently and depending on what kind of drinker you are means that your choice of alcohol can vary per the occasion.

Flower is the same way. The flowers available at Butter of Sheba are chosen with everyone in mind. While it may be tempting to just ask for the highest THC content, that doesn’t mean you are getting our best smoke. Some flowers may have upwards of 30% THC but the high may not be what you were expecting. For example you might have been hoping for something that has a little more hang time, something with more flavor versus being piney, something that smokes smooth, something that helps you sleep, or something that wont leave you feeling paranoid. All of these are factors to consider when choosing a strain. Just like when you get drunk, you want it appeal to your taste or how your body reacts to the alcohol you are consuming, and choosing your mid-day high is no different.

The flowers at Butter of Sheba are very diverse to help achieve the different effects and different kinds of smoke you are desiring. Most of our flowers are exotic strains that are master indoor grown and the seeds are imported. They are carefully indoor grown achieving a lasting high. We also choice select popular and rare strains that are fresh and flavorful. Each 8th that a customer is gifted from Butter of Sheba is hand packed, and stored with care to ensure you are getting the best potent flower available in DC.

As many of our customers know, we do not keep any old flower and our menu rapidly changes. In a given week, we cycle through several strains to keep our menu offering hip and fresh. In a matter of days and sometimes hours, a strain can come in and before we close it is completely sold out. Many will ask when is the next time we will have it and that answer is always unknown because it deeply depends on availability so we always suggest customers, if you see your favorite bud on the menu or something you really want to try, definitely grab it while it is hot because who knows when we will have it again.

If you are looking to have a great smoke experience, then it is all about conversation. 100% or landrace strains are rare and therefore extremely hard to cater to however, when these strains become available we always make sure to feature them on the menu and on our social media.

If you are ever stumped on what to get, tell us what kind of high you are looking for: fruity, earthy, what you are looking to relieve, what you are looking to accomplish, etc. We can help you choose the best smoke based on what you are describing so you can get the most out of your donation and out of the flower!

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