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Cannabis Delivery for the Win

In the last several years, many states have begun legalizing cannabis in some shape, fashion, or form. Therefore it comes to no surprise that there has been an explosion of related businesses that are taking the U.S. by storm such as cultivation warehouses, weed tours, open- air farms, retail dispensaries, smoke accessory stores, cafes, and that's just to name a few. The industry in its entirety is booming. But one of the fastest growing and sometimes under-valued of all these are cannabis delivery services. While this is still a very new and emerging enterprise, many customers aren't sure what to make of it in comparison to walk- in storefronts and dispensaries. For others, it is a well kept secret that offers great customer service, broader selection, safer transactions, and discretion that they have come to love and appreciate. Come, as I highlight some of these well kept secrets that may benefit you.

Lower Prices and Wider Selection

I am sure that even if you don't know a thing about a business, the one thing you do know is that the rent for commercial space is expensive. This one factor alone puts a limit on the variety of cannabis products that storefronts can offer as well as the price that you, the lovely customer, will have to pay for that evening toke session. Cutting out the need for storefront space, upkeep on a physical location, and hiring security (I will get to that in a moment) significantly effects the cost of the almighty 8th. This is where delivery services reign supreme. Because delivery services reduce and often eliminate the priciest parts of operating costs, they tend to purchase more products in bulk which gives you lower prices on all things cannabis that they have available to offer. Delivery services also work with multiple growers and manufacturers, empowering them to have menu offerings that can be vast with an exceptional range of edibles, concentrates, and other cannabis infused products.


Now, at most dispensaries you will notice they have 1 or 2 security guard at the entrance. They are going to verify your ID, ask you a few questions and then let you browse the store with their eyes on you the entire time. The experience most often starts off... well the best way I can describe it is "other" or "buzz-kill". But it's not the fault of the store though. Federal regulations haven't caught up with the reform on cannabis making cannabis companies operate in mostly cash. This also makes storefronts primary targets for armed robberies regardless if there are customers on the premises or not. Using a delivery service, keeps you the customer out of harms way. No one needs to be involved in an "okie-doke" when they are just trying pick up a couple of lollipops.

No need to leave home for your flowers

No need for transportation

Most often when a smoke session is on the heels of taking place, the inevitable question is going to come up. Who's buying and who's flying. If your favorite place is in the city, that means some one in your crew will have to deal with traffic, crazy drivers, and crazy pedestrains. And we all have that one friend who just drives slow as hell but is always the first one to volunteer to go pick the smoke. That means 1 or 2 things, they are going to take a really long time or everyone will have forgotten about smoking by the time they make it back. Another buzz kill. Why put yourself through that? Delivery services take care of this for you. There is nothing more convenient than relaxing on the couch and having your evening pleasure brought to you. Or maybe you are at a party, instead of leaving the fun, you can have more fun brought to you. Just like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash have dominated by offering food delivery at the click of a few buttons, delivery services have done the same for cannabis. You can order from your phone and have it brought to your home, office parking lot, or party spot. Services like this are extremely helpful to customers who have issues with mobility. Just order on your phone and gummies are on the way.

Sweet secrets

While cannabis is becoming more legal around the United States and more people are starting to become open to cannabis use and enthusiasts, cannabis still suffers from the "DARE: Say No Drugs" stigma. Many people who are avid users still prefer to not advertise their use to friends, family, and co-workers. Not to mention that some jobs frown upon cannabis use and outright forbid it under the terms of agreement for employment. Thus, being seen coming to and from a dispensary could be grounds for public humiliation or even termination. Most delivery services operate under discretion which is a plus for customers that prefer the discretion so they can keep their secrets safe without worry of being seen somewhere they shouldn't. They can order their products and have it delivered anonymously. All secrets still kept no matter who's peeping through a window.

Customer Service

Generally speaking, most delivery services offer exceptional customer service. They don't have a store to charm you with so that you keep coming back. Instead they let their products and customer service do the charming. Delivery services rely 100% on reviews and referrals to bring customers instead of décor and magnifying jars to look at a "few" pretty buds. As a result, delivery services are going to put all the focus on the few things you can see, the website, the reviews, and customer service to keep customers coming back.

If you are skeptical, I implore you to find some reputable delivery services the next time you are thinking about venturing out. Butter of Sheba hones in on factors like discretion, customer service, safety, selection, and lower prices. These are some of the key benefits in using a delivery service. They go one step further by adding professionalism. They stand ten toes down behind their products and if you aren't happy they are always ready and willing to find a solution. They also can discuss options with you in case you need help finding something just for you. If you haven't tried their delivery service, give it a shot, I bet you will be glad that you stayed put. Lighters up!


Moelliea Jackson
Moelliea Jackson
May 10, 2023

The best front door service of good treats ever.

Thanks butter of Sheba


Mslady Mariski
Mslady Mariski
May 09, 2023

I am truly truly thankful that y’all exist 🤗

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