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Flower: Willy Wonka (S)

Flower: Willy Wonka (S)

Sativa 70/ Indica 30

THC 24%

Roald Dahl would be proud. Maybe. This recent homage to the beloved author and his greatest literary creation placed in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup in the form of a THC concentrate. Willy Wonka is a sativa-dominant mix of Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth. The experience is both cerebral and physical, with deep relaxation, a calming body buzz, and sleepy couch-lock effects, which is outside of the normal spectrum of most sativa strains. That makes this a very good choice for patients with anxiety or insomnia. The smell and flavor are reminiscent of candy, as the name suggests, though there are also pine notes to the taste. The buds are lime green with flecks of brown and a decent layer of trichomes on the surface.

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