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Weed and Menstrual Pain

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Yea, yea we know some of the males in the room could probably care less about how weed can affect a woman's menstrual health. But if you have a lady friend that is weed friendly, you will get some serious kudos points for even attempting to understand and furthermore offering her something to ease her pain. And let me just say, the intense urge for a good romping that women get after Aunt Flow has left town is second to none! So continue reading my friend because we all know enough Kudos will make you a possible contender in the bed sheets. Ladies, am I lying?

If it is one thing that women hate probably more than anything, its the week that Aunt Flow comes to town. For about 60-70% women, it brings bloating, abnormal cravings, cramps that can sometimes be unbearable, migraines, back aches, mood swings, awkward silence, and feeling of being unwanted or not wanting to be touched. These are just a few of the myriad of side effects that are felt just before and during the average menstrual cycle.

For many, the quick relief to all this is to pop painkillers, stay in bed, and sleep until Aunt Flow decides to dismiss herself. However, a lot of women are starting to take their life back using more homeopathic remedies such as drinking Raspberry leaf tea, cutting back on dairy products and sugar, or eating cucumber salads to reduce inflammation in the uterus. Fellas did you catch that? Raspberry tea, dairy free ice cream, salad, chocolate, and a heating pad. The last two were freebies. Look I'm doing my best here. Lol.

In recent years, cannabis has also been found to be an aid in helping ease the pain and side effects of menstruation. The symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS as it’s usually called, can vary from quite mild to severe. PMS can affect both physical and mental health. Many women have found relief by smoking cannabis, using tinctures in food or drinks, and even using topical products that have CBD and THC in them as both forms of cannabis have pain-relieving properties. Some of the best known strains that address PMS relief are Tangie Burn, The Sister, Super Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, Harlequin, and Jack Herer to name a few.

As cannabis becomes more mainstream and legal, novel ways of using it for reproductive and sexual health are emerging. For example, bath salts with THC are being marketed to people with periods as a solution for cramps. Body butters with combinations of THC, CBD, and other natural remedies provide relief to other PMS side effects and help users achieve better sleep.

Butter of Sheba currently offers 2 body butters that can help with pain and PMS relief: one is made with THC and CBD, the other is made with only CBD. We offer two types to give people options. We understand that some people would rather not use THC because of their jobs or even personal preference. Both body butters provide excellent moisturizing abilities as they contain Shea, Cocoa butter, and Vitamin E to leave your skin feeling soft after use. We also use the full spectrum of CBD and THC flowers so you get all the cannabinoids available in each flower for a more lasting effect and don't worry you wont be walking around smelling like weed. Each butter we make is hand crafted, lightly fragrant, and whipped to eliminate the "weed" smell. Fellas, the body butter is beautiful little gift for your lady friend that is struggling with her period. I hope you are taking notes as I am over here dropping freebie points.

While the effects of cannabis in regards to female reproductive health is still being studied, the consumption and use of cannabis might help increase its popularity. Ideally, as more people use cannabis for period pain, researchers will produce more science in hopes that we learn all the effects of cannabis for women and people with cycles.

For the men in the room, now that you have scored all these points, sit back and just be patient. You won't have to guess if you redeemed your points or not. When the lioness enters the bedroom, her strut and her gaze will let you know you scored big. Congratulations and enjoy! I think my work is done here.

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